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Online Indian Cooking Classes

Interested in learning more about Indian dishes and how to use the Indian spices to make simple and flavorful recipes?!?!

I now offer Indian cooking classes so you can ask me questions and to have some fun cooking adventures together!  


What to Expect

  • I’ll send the menu and grocery list out a week in advance. 
  • Learn the basics of how to make Indian dishes on the menu.
  • The origins of the dishes.
  • Learn about different spices and how to use them.
  • Learn about what wine to pair with Indian dishes. 
  • Lots of laughter and fun! 

How do I book a class?

Email me at [email protected] and let me know the following:

  • Which spice you are interested in curry flair or tandoori twist.
  • Your diet preference. We will arrange the cooking class that best suits you!

In Person Cooking Classes

Interested in hosting a fun and interactive Indian Fusion Cooking experience in the comfort of your home?

We will have a night full of fun, laughter, talk about Indian dishes, Indian culture, discuss which wine/cocktails to pair with Indian food while cooking up recipes tailored to your preferences! 

Email me at [email protected] for further details and to plan your Indian cooking adventures! 



wine with indian food


Too taking this journey with me—lets see where it takes us……


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