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Other Ways We Can Work Together....
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Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are the best way to learn a new dish and gives you the confidence to experiment more with MSA’s spices! That is why I offer both virtual and in person cooking classes where I come to your kitchen! Thats right, but don’t fret as I’ll take care of the set-up/clean-up so you can relax and enjoy the experience! 

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Unique Charcuterie Experience

Hosting is something that comes natural and you are often welcomed with gourmet charcuterie boards at our house! Contact me to elevate your event with culinary flair! 

customers smelling my spices

Pop-Up Events

Come say hi and get your hands on some Tandoori Twist and Curry Flair! Their will be some Indian fusion treats for you to sample for a taste of what you’ve been missing! 


Too taking this journey with me—lets see where it takes us……


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