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Why is a white girl making Indian spices?!?!

toasting spices

When a small town girl marry’s a guy from India many things change including her spice drawer!

My path to the kitchen, however,  started from as young as I could remember in a small German farming town in Michigan. I naturally gravitated to be at my mom’s side whose specialty was baking. 

After marrying my husband, garam masala slowly made its way into the classic casserole dishes I grew up with and Tandoori turkey has now become a staple every Thanksgiving!

Indian cuisine is a complicated endeavor that has many combinations of spice blends with a tedious cooking process that can be overwhelming that has brought me to tears on more one occasion. 

Eventually I cultivated an understanding and found the confidence to blend our cultures together by transforming two different styles, flavors, and techniques into one innovative  dish. It’s time to experience new things together and to continue to seek change especially when infused with a little masala! 

adverrtising spice packets

Indian dishes are bold, rich, and aromatic, however they can be very intimidating.

It is my passion to simplify the complexity of Indian dishes without sacrificing the flavor!

That is why I created handcrafted Indian spice blends including fusion recipes that will allow you to whip up Indian dishes without breaking a sweat!

Pull up a chair and lets create fantastic Indian dishes together and have some fun while doing it!

wine with indian food

“We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” —Walt Disney


Too taking this journey with me—lets see where it takes us……


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