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how did i get here?


I often ask that question myself!

My path to the kitchen started from as young as I could remember in a small midwest German farming town known as Westphalia located in Michigan (Population: 936). 

From a young age I naturally gravitated to be at my mom’s side whose specialty was baking. She baked with a vengeance: pies, cakes, cookies, breads, casseroles, and even her own noodles for chicken noodle soups!

I was her little understudy: constantly observing, taste testing (even eating raw cookie dough), and helping except when it came to her pie crusts because they had to be absolutely perfect!

Lesson #1: Food can create connections without language.

My mom baked as a way to show her love for her family, she baked to make the Holidays extra special and baked for those who fell sick. When she baked she baked with purpose.

Lesson #2: Cooking gives me purpose = one of the keys to happiness (engaging in purposeful activity)

Now is also a good time to mention from growing up I’ve been the kind of person to jump with both feet then ask questions later. My life today is no different and explains my adventurous spirit in the kitchen. Never afraid to try a new recipe, continuously push boundaries, and always ordering off the menu!

Surprisingly I didn’t always love to cook. In fact, I was awful in college and constantly on the go when I lived in NYC. It wasn’t until I was 24 living in Galveston, Texas where life slowed down and I decided to experiment with cooking. I was living with a friend at the time and we would crack open a bottle of wine or two and spend hours talking, laughing, and crying over good food. Something felt familiar and I started to find myself spending more and more time in the kitchen—it felt natural.

 At age 25 I married my college sweetheart, Gary who happens to be from India (never saw that one coming). Gary introduced me to a whole new world of spices and culinary dishes that piqued my curiosity even further.

 Before I knew it I was scouring the internet for new recipes to try, we were constantly hosting dinner parties/events, food became the focal point of our travel plans, and my souvenirs were spices so I could re-create international dishes in our kitchen to share with friends/family.

When we have traveled to foreign countries where English is not primarily spoken; I discovered that food elicits the same emotions despite language barriers: pride, joy, pleasure, and contempt that creates connections without spoken words.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I get asked this a million times, however I never have a good answer. I’m always a novice seeking to learn to new recipes and techniques in order to increase my repertoire and to challenge myself to continue to grow as a person and as a chef! My special dishes include the following:

  • Warm German potato salad
  • Pizza casserole (my favorite growing up)
  • Fesenjan (Persian pomegranate Stew)
  • Chana masala (N. Indian dish with chickpeas cooked in tomato sauce)
  • Tandoori turkey (My favorite for Thanksgiving)
  • Cioppino stew (Italian seafood stew for Christmas)
  • Blueberry and feta cheese couscous salad (go to summer picnic dish)
  • Apple Pie, X-mas sugar cookies (In honor of my mom), and molasses cookies in honor of Grandma Hufnagel.

Everyday life can be monotonous but the kitchen has the power to transport you to Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, or back in time to mom’s Christmas cookie’s that brings nostalgic memories to present times.

I also love to entertain and the Shergill house is well known for good food, interesting cocktails, and above all generous hospitality!

I’ve followed my curiosity with a fervency that has led to new experiences, opened doors to new opportunities, and led me down unknown paths: including eating my way around the world, trying out for master chef, competing in the world’s largest grilled cheese competition, and creating a food blog and youtube channel.

grilled cheese sandwich
2013 L.A. Grilled Cheese Invitational (2nd place)!

I invite you in to be curious with me and see where it takes us……………

Streets of Hong Kong
Fairy Tale Chimney's of Cappadocia, Turkey
Lesson #3: Cows like bread.

“We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” —Walt Disney

Disclaimer: I’m a home cook! My recipes aren’t always perfect, I’m a messy cook (work in progress) and mistakes will be made! My recipes are my unique creations from my experiences and traveling, some, however, are inspired by fellow food bloggers (will be referenced), and some are family heirlooms!

I’m not a professional photographer nor a food stylist. If you see a shadow or two, please be forgiving! The food still tastes delicious! 


Too taking this journey with me—lets see where it takes us……


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