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Adolfo-Top Amalfi Coast Restaurant Experience

Adolfo Restaurant is hands down is one of the most memorable moments on this particular segment of our trip.

Amalfi Coast is filled with fancy 5-star restaurant experiences Aldofo, on the other hand, is a no-frills family-owned seafood shack. Built on a beach set in a cove where one can see shades of green and blue into the mediterranean sea that seem endless.

There is no wifi and are left with nothing to do but enjoy a piece of paradise while sipping peached wine, eating fresh seafood and immersing yourself into the sea.

Where and how do I sign up?!?! Not so easy!

Adolfo is only accessible by boat from Positano pier that is famously recognized as a fisherman’s boat with a classic red fish. The boat departs from 10-1:00 p.m. and returns by 4:00 p.m. and the only way to become a passenger/patron is to have a reservation.

Acquiring reservations are near impossible. They don’t pick up the phone and I read online to have your hotel call to make one for you, however our Airbnb hosts were even unsuccessful. Perseverance is one of my strongest attributes that others can attest to. Plan B! Stalk!

I knew the signature Adolfo boat pulled into Positano Pier starting from 4:00 pm to return it’s patrons. Gary and I placed ourselves strategically on the beach by the pier with hawk eyes on the lookout for the red fish! Four o’clock had passed and as time went on Gary was getting hungry and said it was time to abort mission. Fine!

I chose a restaurant still located on the beach with a birds eye view of that pier holding onto a shred of hope. We had placed our order and Gary escused himself to use the bathroom. Thats when the magical moment happened and I saw the red fish approaching the pier!

I took off like a bat our of hell without explaining myself to the server running down the stairs, across the beach in sand until I breathlessly reached the Adolfo boat filled with men with beers in their hands and asked:”Do you have availability for tomorrow for 2 people?”

They shouted Sí señora and just like that scribbled my name onto their pad of paper (sophisticated system). Be here by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow….cao bella!

Mission accomplished!

To no surprise, Gary and I were the first people to arrive!

The adventure to Adolfo began with breathtaking views of Positano coastline enveloped by the sea air as the sun slowly warmed up.

The boat ride is only 10 minutes, nevertheless, within the short time frame, we were transported to a secluded piece of heaven. See for yourselves….

They do charge 8E for the lounge chairs, considering Positano is known for its high price tag that is as cheap as it gets!

We claimed our chairs early with front row views of that gorgeous sea (benefits of being early)! The servers come around to take drink orders and let you know lunch will be served between 1-2:00 p.m.

That day fate had other plans—rain! Masses of people quickly gathered their things and rushed for shelter in the Adolfo restaurant. Lunch was served earlier! No biggie. We roll with the punches.

We were escorted to our assigned tables much like a wedding you locate your name to find your seat.

First order of business: Pitcher of that fabulous peach sangria (more like peaches with white wine)—-still fantastic!

Second-order were the well-known appetizers of mozzarella smoked in lemon leaves! Yes, please! For those of you who don’t know the Amalfi Coast is covered with lemon groves/trees and gifted the world Limoncello! BTW they were so good I forgot to take a photo—AHHHHHH, but trust they delicious!

Third-order was plates full of pasta, clams, and mussels.

Oh don’t forget about that octopus grilled to perfection and so tender! While your at it more pitchers of that peach wine please!

As the wine and food were flowing we got talking to our neighbors and it turned out they were also from California not far from L.A. who also knew mutual friends of ours! Small World!

From there on out we shared drinks, food, laughter, and by the time we finished the sun revealed it’s glorious self!

We swam, explored rocks, and soaked in the pristine beauty rest of the afternoon until it was time to return.

The boat ride back was even more magical as the sun was casting over the cliffs of Positano coloring the villas in warm shades of oranges and reds. Our bellies were filled with good food/wine and our souls renewed with nature’s beauty as our eyes took in panoramic views of the serene setting. At that moment my mind was trying to capture all my senses, feelings, and events into one photographic memory for life!

Our adventure didn’t stop there. The night continued with our new friends for happy hour drinks that led to dinner on a cliff where the restaurant picks you up in a van (yes we crashed their honeymoon)! Onto another adventure—

I know there are countless bad reviews of Adolfo on TripAdvisor however, a majority of them are related to their services and difficulty in acquiring reservations. If you can manage one this experience is worth every penny and one of the most affordable on the Coast!

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
– Andre Gide

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